The Aramaic Designs Art Gallery

Here we have several art showcases that exhibit what artists have done with our translations. Where noted, their work is for sale.

Liz Caruso

Only God Can Judge Me - Angel Wings Only God Can Judge Me - Cemetery Design

Specializing in digital art production, Liz is the new "artist in residence" at Aramaic Designs. She is currently working on t-shirt designs and illustrations for several upcoming childrens' books in the Aramaic language. She is also currently available for commissions. [view liz's page]

Our Jewelry Gallery

We've done a fair amount of jewelry work, imprinting Aramaic words, symbols and motifs in fine 99.9% silver. In the near future we also plan to open up a pewter jewelry line so that more individuals may appreciate the language embossed on keepsakes and other articles of faith. [view our jewelry gallery]