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Aramaic Designs is a small family-owned service based in Highland Park, New Jersey that specializes in Aramaic translations and various artisan crafts centered around Aramaic and other ancient languages. Over the years we've worked on a variety of projects ranging from Aramaic tattoos, to art pieces, to scripts for video games, audio dramas and theatre.

April 18 2014:
For updates (including any events, delays, and hours) be sure to check out our Facebook page here: Aramaic Designs.

Aramaic Translations

The core of our offerings. We have been translating Aramaic professionally for over 5 years and have helped thousands of individuals realize their artwork, tattoos, audio dramas, screenplays and other projects.

Tattoo Stencils

We have a number of gorgeous tattoo stencils that we have designed as well as in-house artists and advanced tools we've developed ourselves to help you build your own from the ground up.

Language Classes

We offer a range of online classes in Aramaic that you can enroll in at any time and finish at your leisure. Topics range from the Lord's Prayer and the Aramaic of Jesus to full semester language courses.

Artwork & Keepsakes

A real mixed bag of different crafts from manuscript reproductions to silver jewelry to framed artwork. Some of our most creative pieces an be found in this section of the website.

Aramaic Designs hosts fund-raisers where 10% of earnings are donated to your organization. Please send email to AramaicDesigns@gmail.com for more information and to set up an account.

If you wish to see if a tattoo translation that you have obtained from another source is correct, we will verify it for you, pro bono. For more information please click here.

This site is constantly being updated as we add new products and services.

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