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Christmas 2017 Translations


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Our translator, Steve, is currently focusing on teaching and tenure over at RVCC, so he hasn’t been available to do many custom Aramaic translations for a year or so now. However, with the beginning of Advent he has decided to take on a few translation projects – one for each day of Christmas.

The prices are fixed, and no more than twelve custom projects will be accepted. $25 of each purchase will be donated to Christ Church in the City of New Brunswick.

What will be included:

  • Up to a sentence of your choice, translated into Galilean Aramaic, typeset in Herodian script. (A dialect and handwriting style contemporary to Christ.)
  • An audio recording of the translation.
  • A Digital Tattoo Stencil of the text.
  • If you purchase it on or before December 18th, it will be ready in time for Christmas.

Translation requests will close after Christmastide.


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